KinMap: Text Input

Text Input Panel

  Simplified Text Input   

KinMap accepts input as simple as a list of kinase names and creates the corresponding annotations using a default style (red filled circles).

To annotate a set of kinases, simply list them and click Plot!

You can customize the kinase annotation using a concise style directive that defines its shape (circle, triangle, square, pentagon), size, fill-color, stroke-color, and stroke-width. Directives start with the @ symbol and apply the encoded style to all succeeding kinases, until another directive is encountered. Take this as an example:

@ 3 : 25 : yellow : red

This will annotate ABL1 and CHK2 kinases with triangles, 25-pixels in size, with yellow filling and red border. For a quick reminder on input syntax, click the Help button in the text-input panel. The Examples button shows three illustrative inputs with varying degrees of sophistication.

  Input Syntax